In this workshop held by Daniel Stocker, coordinator of the permaculture project Monte Alegre in Alcaucín, Málaga, we will learn about Permaculture and very useful SPECIALS for arid zones like south Spain!

27nd-28rd October 2018 weekend
held on the Finca La Sacristía close to Macharaviaya, Málaga, Spain.
Location: GoogleMaps


Friday 26.10.2018

Arrival and dinner (optional)


Saturday 27.10.2018   09:00 – 19:00

  • Opening Circle and getting to know each other.
  • Getting an overview; Ethical principals, Principals of permaculture



  • Water Retention Landscape
    • Why we need that.
    • What measurements there are, how to calculate and implement them.
      • See the work on the Finca La Sacristía
    • We will create a little hand dug swale together.  (in practice)
  • What is Soil and how to create it?
    • SoilWeb: an overview of a healthy living soil.
    •  Microorganisms: how to cultivate and use them.
    • Terra preta: what techniques there are to make biochar and how to activate it.
  • Groasis System presentation with Rafael Toledo (Spanisch Groasis distributor)


Sunday 28.10.2018   09:00 – 19:00

  • Opening Circle and question round.
  • Food Forest
    • What is it?
    •  How to start one in a arid / semi arid zone?
      • Pioneer plants
      • Succession
    • planting trees on the new swale and on other places using different techniques (in practice)

During the workshop we will serve you very delicious organic vegan food and offer accommodation. All on a donation basis.


  • Workshop 80.-€
  • Food 6.-€ / Meal
  • Accommodation 5.-€ / Night


NOTE: Please bring your sleeping bag with you.

How to get to the FINCA LA SACRISTÍA


Daniel Stocker, from Switzerland, is working since more than five years on different Fincas in the Axarquía. His main project is Monte Alegre, where he applies his collected experience from working as a volunteer or attending as a student in workshops and seminars. For example in Tamera (Portugal), Lilleoru (Estonia), La Flessyer (France) amongst others. His main focus is on Water Retention Landscaping and reforestation, creating food forests in arid zones.


by email:

by cell phone:
+34 / 659 10 98 09

A very good book about creating a holistic, sustainable water management! Download for free!

Acerca de Candela Vargas

Pasé mi infancia entre Granada y Murcia. Estudié Biología y un máster en Gestión de la Naturaleza en Copenhague con un proyecto sobre Diseño e Implementación de Bosques Comestibles. Fuí cofundadora de FFIRN, y trasubí con Permacultura Dinamarca durante 6 años, fuí asesora de LAND y coordinadora de voluntarios en un huerto urbano pionero en Copenhague. Me involucré en muchos otros proyectos. como Seed Pop Up, círculo de regalos y muchos colectivos ambientales / culturales. He enseñado y aprendido permacultura en Dinamarca, Suecia, Islandia, Italia y España. Me encanta recolectar alimentos silvestres, hacer acroyoga y cantar canciones de Permacultura.

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