Itinerant Permaculture Course

Whether you´ve already done a course on permaculture, or are just curious, this itinerant course is sure to spark your imagination and motivate you to start your own project, or inspire you to make it even better than it already is!

Would you like to learn more about what permaculture is? See for yourself the different ways permaculture can be put into practice in real situations? Have the opportunity to consult with experts?

Are you looking to join or start a network, share with others, and move along your chosen path?
Then this is the course for you.

We are offering 15 places, and more than 45 hours of course time, for you to get to know some of the projects that form part of the permculture network of southeastern Spain. The course includes a multitude of workshops and guided tours, as well as the chance to re-connect with nature, celebrate, and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

During the course we will be working on several themes using a systematic approach, and looking at the different ways in which a regenerative project or lifestyle can develop. You will learn how to design systems that need a minimum of maintenance using local resources, and hopefully be inspired to try them out on your own project.

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PLEASE USE THIS FORM TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST. Deadline for registration: March 15th, 2024.

Any questions?
Just ask us if you would like more information or to clarify any doubts.
You can call Rubén on +34 651181202 / Whatsapp +45 52785933

What do we offer?
More than 45 hours of theory and practicals.
5 days of full inmersion in permaculture living during which time we will look at:
The ethics behind permaculture
Kitchen garden design
Food forest design
Zone 00 design – your internal world
Natural building – lets get muddy!
Tools for personal and community resilience
Support networks
Regenerative economies
Health and wellbeing

Who are we?

José Miguel García. Biologist with a Masters in water management. In love with the farming life, José has participated in numerous trainings and activities related to agriculture and reforestation. He currently holds the post of president of the Permaculture Network of southeastern Spain (REPESEI). Together with Jessica he manages the Las Suertes permaculture project.

Jessica Farre Masip. Biologist with a degree in marine sciences, environmental educator, life alchemist, singer, and conscious mother role model. Manages the Las Suertes permaculture project with José.

Rubén Romero. Biologist and permaculturist. Masters in landscape management. Rubén discovered permaculture in Denmark in 2014 when working on an urban kitchen garden and colaborated with the Danish permaculture network until 2020. He is particuarly drawn to social permaculture, regenerative culture and gardens. Rubén comes from a farming family, which has given him a deep connetion with the earth.

Carlets García. Proyecto Rúcula. Agricultural engineer with specialisations in agroecology and permaculture. From 2007 he has been caring for a hectare of land in which he has developed a food forest. Since 2017 Carlets has worked on the re-conversion of several farms (citrus, olives, almonds and cereals) to organic status. He combines his farming work with the organisation of courses and workshops, both at Proyecto Rúcula and elsewhere. Carlets also participates in several collectives and associations, such as the REPESEI, the Iberian Permaculture Association (PI), and Guaranteed Production Systems (SPGs), both at a local and national level.

Gori Torrecillas. Casa Guardarríos. With a Certificate in Higher Education and self-taught in eco-agriculture, Gori has undertaken several courses with Jairo Restrepo, an expert in organic agriculture, and with Nacho Simon in the capture, activation and reproduction of native micro-organisms, and related topics. He is also trained as an acupuncturist, and has participated in workshops on homeopathic agriculture, group facilitation, and non-violent communicaton. Active member of the REPESEI.

Frances Osborn, Portal de las Torrentas. Ecologist with a degree in Environmental Sciences (Southampton University, UK) and a Phd in Biology (Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela). In love with Permaculture since 2014. Co-facilitator of Permaculture Design Courses since 2019, and with a Diploma in Applied Permaculture since 2021. Main lifestyle choice: volunteering, a route which has led her to minimize costs rather than maximise earnings, and enables her to accept opportunities as they arise. Active member of the REPESEI.

Two consecutive weekends during Easter week. We will begin the course in Proyecto Rúcula (Mula) on the 29th of March and end in Las Torrentas, Calasparra on the 7th of April in the afternoon after lunch.
If you are travelling far and would like to arrive the afternoon before, please let us know.

First weekend:

– Friday 29th March from 3 pm onwards. Proyecto Rúcula, Mula.

– Saturday 30th March. El Regreso, Moratalla.

– Sunday 31st March. Las Suertes, Elche de la Sierra.

– Monday 1st April. Las Suertes, Elche de la Sierra.

Second weekend:

– Friday 5th April from 3 pm onwards. Casa Guardarríos, Moratalla.

– Saturday 6th April. Casa Guardarríos, Moratalla.

– Sunday, 7th April. Las Torrentas, Calasparra.

You can also join the course for one weekend only (150 euros) or just for the day (40 euros/day).

If you would like to learn more about any of the themes covered, you can stay as a volunteer at one of the farms between weekends.

We will be visiting 5 permaculture projects in the Murcia and Albacete regions.
Proyecto Rucula, Mula. Food forests.
El Regreso, Moratalla. Social permaculture.
Las Suertes, Elche de la Sierra. Kitchen garden design, and health and wellbeing.
Casa Guardarríos, Moratalla. Tools for transition, mutual support networks.

– Portal Las Torrentas. Calasparra. Natural building (plastering techniques). Las Torrentas is a project in its initial stages, situated in the outskirts of Calasparra, Murcia. It consists of a cottage with 6000m of terraced land, going down to a small temporary river (Río Moratalla), and is surrounded by fields and pine forest. Our vision: “To live in an environment of unconditional mutual generosity, that meets our physical, mental and spiritual needs, whilst regenerating and conservating the land around us, so that both nature and people can attain their maximum expression of wellbeing”.

We will sleep in shared tents. If you have a large tent and are happy to share please let us know. Transport will be in shared cars.

We are using a sliding scale of 275 to 350€ for the whole course, so that you can pay more or less depending on your economic situation.
The price includes meals, accomodation and transport between projects.
Meals will be prepared using organic ingredients where possible. All meals will be vegetarian.

If you aren´t able to participate in the whole course, you can come for one weekend, or one day only.

Price for one weekend: 150€.

Price for one day: 40€

We are accepting part payments in G1 social currency.

To book your place, please make a bank transfer or Bizum for 50€ when registering for the course. Bizum to 651181202.
Please write your given and surnames when booking.

We will travel between projects in shared cars. If you have a car with 5 or more seats and are happy to share, please let us know. We will pay fuel costs and give you a 20€ discount off the course price. We will only need 2-3 cars.
If you are coming by car, but won´t be using it to travel between projects, you can park safely at the first project we visit. You can pick it up at the end of the course, on Sunday 7th April, in the afternoon.

More details:

Course programme to be published soon.
Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Rubén. Calls to +34651181202 / Whatsapp +45 52785933

PLEASE REGISTER USING THIS FORM (link below): Deadline for registering: March 15th, 2024.

Acerca de Rubén Romero

Biólogo y permacultor. Mi pasión por explorar la naturaleza me llevó a los países nórdicos, donde viví más de 10 años. Estuve aprendiendo permacultura y vida en ecoaldeas en Dinamarca. Me encanta fermentar, jugar y compartir nuevas experiencias.

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